The Blunderbuss is a weapon available in the Stand & Deliver weapon pack.


The Blunderbuss is a weapon that can be picked up from supply crates. It behaves very similarly to the Shotgun, firing a shot that can kill multiple zombies at once. The Blunderbuss has a significantly larger range than the Shotgun, which allows it to take out large groups with one shot. Consequently, the Blunderbuss has a slower fire rate.

Unlock Requirements

  • Purchase it from the Stand & Deliver weapon pack for $3.99 USD.
  • Purchase the Stand & Deliver Essentials bundle for $8.99 USD.


  • The Blunderbuss counts as the Shotgun when completing missions. (Needs confirmation.)
  • The Blunderbuss can only be unlocked by using in-app purchases.
  • Once the Blunderbuss has been purchased, the Stand & Deliver Essentials bundle will no longer be available.