The Chainsaw is a weapon.


The Chainsaw is a weapon that can be picked up from supply crates. The Chainsaw is automatic, but has very limited range. The Chainsaw comes with 4.0 fuel but at least 1.0 fuel must be used at a time.

Unlock Requirements

  • Complete mission set 1. (Default)
  • Purchase for 1,000G. (Default)


  • After killing a zombie, the Chainsaw becomes bloodied.
  • Every time you kill a zombie with the Chainsaw, a blood splatter will appear on the screen.

x4 Concrete Cutter

The x4 Concrete Cutter is an upgraded version of the Chainsaw.


The x4 Concrete Cutter is a weapon that can be found at supply crates. It behaves just like the Chainsaw, it's automatic, but has short range. Although the x4 Concrete Cutter comes with 8.0 fuel, and at least 2.0 fuel must be used at a time.

Unlock Requirments

  • Purchase it from the Armory for $4.99 USD.


  • Once purchased, the x4 Concrete Cutter permanently replaces the Chainsaw, meaning that the Chainsaw will no longer appear in future runs.
  • The x4 Concrete Cutter count as the Chainsaw when completing missions.
  • The x4 Concrete Cutter has similar graphical effects to the chainsaw.