The Pistol is a weapon.


The Pistol is a weapon that can be picked up from supply crates. It is semi-automatic and has medium range, but takes two shots to kill a zombie, unless the player scores a critical hit. When picked up, the Pistol holds 12 rounds.

Unlock Requirements

  • Complete your first run.


  • The chance to score a critical hit is currently unknown.

Cartel Twins

The Cartel Twins are an upgraded version of the Pistol.


The Cartel Twins are weapons (although they count as one weapon) that can be found at supply crates. They are dual-wielded pistols that, like the Pistol, are semi-automatic and have medium range, but the Cartel Twins will always deliver one shot kills. When picked up, the Cartel Twins hold 24 rounds.

Unlock Requirments

  • Purchase them from the Armory for $9.99 USD.
  • Purchase the Starter Kit for $14.99 USD.


  • Once purchased, the Cartel Twins permanently replace the Pistol, meaning that the Pistol will no longer appear in future runs.
  • The Cartel Twins count as the Pistol when completing missions.
  • When firing the Cartel Twins, the player alternates between shooting the left and right pistol. This is purely cosmetic and doesn't effect the shot.