The Revolver is a weapon.


The Revolver is a weapon that can be picked up from supply crates. It is has medium range, good fire rate, and delivers one shot kills, unlike the Pistol. When picked up, the Revolver holds 6 rounds.

Unlock Requirements 

  • Complete mission set 5. (Default)
  • Purchase for

TZR 44 Revolver

The TZR 44 Revolver is an upgraded version of the Revolver.


The TZR 44 Revolver is a weapon that can be found at supply crates. It has similar stats to the revolver, albeit a slightly longer range and ammo capacity. The TZR 44 Revolver also has piercing shots, unlike the Revolver, allowing for multiple kills with one shot. When picked up, the TZR 44 Revolver hold 6 rounds. (Needs confirmation.)

Unlock Requirments

  • Purchase it from the Armory for $2.99 USD.


  • Once purchased, the TZR 44 Revolver permanently replaces the Revolver, meaning that the Revolver will no longer appear in future runs.
  • The TZR 44 Revolver count as the Revolver when completing missions.